Who We Are

SOAR, Supporting Older Adults through Resources, Inc. is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization with no paid staff. We formed our board in September of 2013, through a desire to make a difference in the lives of older adults who are having challenges meeting their basic needs. We began accepting applications for assistance in March 2015. These challenges may be financial, may be access to needed resources, and may be education as to what is available to older adults, their families, and caregivers, to help ease those burdens.

SOAR volunteers and board members work tirelessly to match the needed requests with an organization currently providing that service. SOAR then attempts to work with the organization to determine if the service can be done gratis, at a reduced rate, or pays the organization for performing the needed service to a senior in need in Frederick County, MD.

Seniors are the largest growing population in our community and the limited number of available resources for seniors without the finances to meet those needs is even greater than most can imagine.

Following our first year in operation, we have assisted over 500 seniors with over 1200 unmet needs.  We are proud that we have helped the homeless to be re-housed, relocated seniors living in sub-par conditions to a safe environment, paid for countless medications, purchased grocery gift cards for food, obtained in home care (short-term) and paid for utility bills to keep our seniors warm.  We have completed countless home modifications for safety to include obtaining and installing stair lifts, ramps, grab bars, and replaced stairs in homes for safety.  We have obtained beds when we discovered a few seniors without a bed to sleep on and obtained lift chairs for those needing the added assistance getting up and down.  We have purchased dentures, glasses, hearing aids, and have an equipment closet that allows us to donate gently used home medical equipment to allow seniors to function more independently and safely.  We are in essence bridging the gap of services and making differences every day here in Frederick County.

Many older adults who have served our country, communities, and families in countless ways now struggle to meet their basic needs. Through the efforts of SOAR we pledge to help alleviate those burdens.

The founding members of SOAR collectively have over 80 years experience working on behalf of older adults, their families and caregivers, and all share a passion for making a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable older adults.

Our Goals

• Raise awareness as to the plight of older adults
• Raise necessary funds through events, sponsorship’s, donations and grants
• Establish partnerships with businesses
• Bridge the gap for access to needed services
• Recruit and maintain a pool of volunteers

Call to Action

• Tell one person you know about our organization and its mission and ask them to tell one person. This helps spread the word about who we are and how we can help.
• Support our events, mail campaigns, business partnership opportunities, make a donation or consider volunteering
• Together we can make a difference in the lives of our vulnerable older adults.

Supporting Older Adults Through Resources, Inc.is a registered 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization.
Federal Tax ID #46-3716967